"Hope you are well. It has been about a month or so since I started using the product. It took me a few days to get my mouth adjusted to the mouthpiece. I am glad that I bought the snorer's friend as it does help reduce my snoring. My wife and I got to sleep a little bit better. I put the product in its storage case on my bedside table and use it for most nights. If I forgot to use it and got that "poke onto the side" at night, I just grab it from the side table and put it in my mouth."
Aldian Indonesia

"Some good news for you is that it is working for me. My wife tells me that I don't snore when I have it on and when I sleep on my side."
Alvin Singapore
"Thanks for the support on explaining how it works, and clarifing some of my initial doubts. Now i am a happy user of Snorer's Friend, even though I did felt some strain on my lower jaw for the first few days. I have now gotten used to it, and my wife no longer nags at me ever since."
Lev Israel

"Thanks to the Snorer's Friend, I can now sleep in the same bed as my girlfriend without her threatening to injure me in my sleep and she is much happier in the mornings too. It is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone."
Jim United States

"I had tried sprays, nasal strips, and even cpap. None of these worked, except for cpap, and now Snorer's Friend. Had i known Snorer's Friend earlier, i wouldn't have suffered for long. Snorer's Friend works well for me, and it's great for travelling which is important to me as I am on a travelling job. I can't thank you enough for your terrific little invention. It has changed my life."
Derek United States

"My father loves Snorer's Friend that I have got for him. He no longer snores, and my mum can finally sleep through the night. I will be getting another for myself as well. Thank you very much."
Chen Gang China