Chin Straps. This is one of those: "sounds or looks like a good idea", but is it? I think this is a good idea, and yet I'm a little skeptical. Are these things comfortable? How do they fit around the ear? Is the material irritating to the skin? How self conscious would I be wearing this on a plane, or train? I usually snore, or so I'm told, when I'm asleep and on my back. The lower jaw opens; tongue falls back pushing the soft tissue into the air passages, causing vibrations, and out comes the snores. It does appear that anti snoring chin straps offer some help for snoring. There are a variety of styles and materials. In addition, those who use CPAP machines find using CPAP chin straps help them keep their mouths closed. The chin strap is designed to keep your "trap" (mouth) shut during sleep. So, the chin strap device works by helping to keep your mouth shut by holding or supporting the lower jaw while sleeping.

The price variations come from the choice of materials, so it's good to shop around. Also, you'll have to measure your head. Different sized heads need different sized straps, right? They have adjustable chin straps, and some come in size ranging from small, medium and large. The extra large don't come with adjustable straps. I guess you could use to wearing it out in public - like trains and planes if you weren't self conscious. And hopefully, on hot evenings it's not too uncomfortable. This is one of those products, I would like to sample before I purchased. But unlike the mouthpiece, it probably won't irritate the mouth, but it might irritate the skin. The plus is the chin strap may even give the chin a little lift.