Another stop snoring product is what we called, Sleep Positioning Devices. The idea is to be re-trained to position the body to sleep on the side, or any position where the person snores. Most people snore while on their back, although I have heard and seen people snore while on their sides, even sitting up - like the plane. And, yes, that was probably me snoring on the plane also. (But no system is full proof, and everyone is different - which is why there are so many products on the market.)

Sleep positioning devices work by making sleep uncomfortable - uncomfortable enough that you change position, but don't wake up. If you snore while sleeping on your back, then a device (i.e. golf ball, tennis ball, or some non toxic physical irritant) would be attached to your back, causing some discomfort which would force you to change position, and therefore, hopefully, cease snoring. I think the idea here is to retrain - emphasis on - retrain because if you are a heavy sleeper or not, I would think after a while your body would get used to this "irritant", and your brain would factor it so it wouldn't disturb sleep anymore.